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Corporate Video Production

Most people will have witnessed cheesy adverts on television, over the radio, or even up high on billboards. Although humorous, that’s not always the intention of the actual ad creators and this is why so many businesses struggle to be taken seriously without the proper guidance. One of the most effective forms of advertisement takes place in video form, in fact video production for advertising can be very beneficial – when done properly.

But what are these benefits and what is it that makes them so advantageous to companies of all sizes?

The ability to reach a global audience

Many ads are targeted at certain markets and so when they are being filmed, the audience will usually already be in mind. Television stations in certain countries will often be the subject for the audience – but this can be quite limiting as far as reach is concerned. Many video producers are turning to the power of the web to promote and endorse their clients’ products and services.

YouTube, Vimeo and Vevo are just a few popular internet platforms and they can be very effective at publicising a brand in a greater way than even television and radio. The trick is to develop a strategy, focus on it and then explore the most effective angles to obtain the largest volume of audiences.

A cheaper form of advertisement

Thousands of videos are uploaded to the internet every day, if not every single hour. The World Wide Web boasts the largest collective market in the world and as there are so many forms of publicity available online, different options will feature varying price tags. Of all of the methods available – uploading a video to the aforementioned platforms can be much cheaper, if not entirely cost free altogether.


The ability to promote products and services visually

It’s no secret that many audiences lack the time (or patience!) to sit and read through text, research topics, or peruse the web in search for more information about their favourite types of products. Fortunately, most people of this generation will have grown up around televisions and as a result, sitting down for a short amount of time to watch a video about a product is something that many audiences are willing to do.

By focusing advertisement methods on a visual angle, it can become much easier to ensure that the target audience will be as engaged as they are compelled. Visual stimulants have been proven to be far more effective than alternative methods, such as via printed materials. As far as promoting a brand or service – the potential to keep an audience engaged can be very beneficial and this is one of the main reasons why more and more agencies are turning to video production companies for their online promotion needs.

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